Whipped Body Butter: Our number one selling product! Best for skin that has stretch marks, scars,  hyperpigmentation, eczema, is sensitive, dry, ashy or cracked. Can also be used for hair and face, and is completely safe for children and pets as well. Made with 100% Organic Shea Butter imported from Africa.

CBD Body Balm: Great for aches and pains. Helps to relieve numbness and soreness due to repetitive motion, exercise, surgery, weather, etc. Use this balm for relief from centralized pain. Can be used topically on sensitive skin and is safe for pets also.

Beard Oil: Helps to restore thin and patchy beards and mustache areas. Stimulates hair growth while nourishing the skin. Made with 100% oils.

Healing Neem Salve: Perfect for skin that is suffering from cuts or wounds due to allergic reactions, eczema, itching, dryness, or cracking. Antiseptic for wound care, and can be used on pets as well for ticks and fleas or dry paws. Perfect for children as it is non-toxic and can be used from head to toe!

Healthy Hair Serum: Perfect for alopecia, or thinning hair and roots. Tension alopecia, also known as loss of edges from braids, and tight styles. Great for blow outs, dry ends, and overall hair health. Stimulates hair growth from follicles and can aid in faster hair growth.


Castile Soap: For skin that is sensitive. Made with essential oils, and helps to clean further than most soaps. Nice lather allows for spreadability, and cleansing power. Literally watch the dirt from your skin go down the drain!


Brown Sugar Rose Scrub: Great for bumpy skin, strawberry legs, and for exfoliating. Made with fine sugar, so it can be used all over the body, including sensitive spaces, and the face. Also great when used prior to our Beard Oil, or Whipped Body Butters. Local honey aids in relief from topical allergies for the most sensitive skin.


Coconut Coffee Scrub: Helps to treat cellulite and restore glow to the skins surface. Not recommended for use on face, especially if sensitive. Can help in reduction of vein appearance and to heal dry and cracked skin that is rough.


24K Body Butter: Our Whipped formula with added Golden Mica, for that ultra shine! Great for adding a natural glow to skin without a tan or chemicals.


The Perfect Man Gift Set: Includes 2oz Beard Oil, 2oz Whipped Body Butter, and 2oz Brown Sugar and Rose Scrub. Perfect for the man who loves his beard!

Healing Facial Serum: Helps with treatment of acne (both adult and teen), hyperpigmentation, scarring, pore refining, and overall glow and hydration.

Matcha Lavender Clay Facial Soap: helps to calm irritated skin suffering from breakouts, and cystic acne. Made with Matcha to help heal acne and improve tone and glow.

Charcoal Clay Facial Soap: Helps with skin that is in need of a detox. Helps to minimize appearance of inflamed and uneven skin tone.

Gift Set: Includes a full sized (8oz) Castile Soap, 8oz Whipped Body Butter, Salt Soak, and Scrub of choice! The perfect last minute or well thought out gift for that special someone who you know adores their skin.

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We are a small business committed to changing every body, one body at a time; everything is made by hand, locally in small batches using vegan products that are safe enough for even the most sensitive skin - we are so grateful that you decided to put your skin first and support a conscious business.

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