What is Neem Oil?

We know… the word ‘OIL’ is scary for most, and you’re probably wondering why in the world we’d recommend it for use on top of your skin?! For many years we have been warned about the usage of oils and greases on our skin in the case that it will clog our pores and create an even dirtier environment. The trick to this is finding an oil that is non-comedogenic; meaning that this oil will not clog the skins pores, yet instead, work to clear them. Amazing, right? So, now it is time to dive into even better reasons to start using Neem Oil on your skin.

For years, Neem Oil from India has been used to treat a multitude of skin ailments such as:


Fungal Infections

Dry skin and wrinkles

Collagen production

Reducing scars

Healing wounds

Treating acne


Minimizing warts and moles

Neem oil has also been proven to reduce and treat signs and symptoms of Psoriasis, Eczema, and other disorders. This oil is loaded with tons of Vitamin E, to help heal the skin faster (especially scarring), leaving it supple and healthy. Neem is known to be Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, and Anti-inflammatory! This is a great thing for people who have sensitive skin, as it naturally kills off bacteria that is unwanted, and restores natural lustre and shine to skin.

Do you have a pet that loves the outdoors, but can’t seem to keep the bugs outside instead of in his fur? Or maybe your little friends paws or skin is dried out? Neem is the perfect solution to help get rid of these pests and keep your furry ones skin and coat shiny. As well as their paws can be coated in our cream to help dryness/cracking of any kind.

If this hasn’t convinced you enough… Neem is powerful enough to kill PESTS, but is safe for human usage on skin. Many gardeners use this oil in their gardens to protect their leaves, but to attack against any pests that may try to eat the leaves. Also note that this can be used as a spare indoor to kill unwanted pests and control them. Ants? not with neem! Spiders??! not with NEEM!

We hope that you are convinced of the healing properties of this multi-beneficial oil, and might be enticed to try our Neem Healing Salve.

*Please keep in mind that Neem Oil is not safe for consumption by humans. Neem also has a very strong smell similar to sulfur, or gas.

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