Spring is Here!

It's May 1st and this is super exciting for all Spring lovers! Not only are we rolling out new weather ;) we are rolling out new products.

If you have not had the chance, make your way to our product page to browse our updated inventory at www.jeanysjams.com/products

One of the main things that a person with troubled skin will face are the changes of the season. Our new Healing Facial Serum will help to balance out the skins pH and even tone for a radiant glow. You can find it HERE

We are also releasing a facial soap this month, along with an extensive line of Medicinal Healing products made with Hemp...

We hope to stay up to date on current events in health and wellness, as well as offering events for you to come out and meet the team behind Jeanys Jams and purchase as well as sample products in person.

In the meantime check out some behind the scenes footage of Jeanys Jams shot by Holaday Vision

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